Oehler Factory by Markus Oehler

Bags, belts and accessories made of leather using artisan methods. Buy them in our online shop.

The tradition of artisan leather goods lives on today in the Oehler Factory products, made by Markus Oehler. Handbags, belts and leather accessories that we make by hand, updating a manufacturing method with a long tradition to a more contemporary style. Production begins with the definition of an idea. The accessory design is based on this. Then the materials with which the bag or belt will be made are selected. It is a fundamental step, because everything must be defined to perfection, down to the minutest detail. It is at this point that the artisan tradition takes centre stage. Cutting and stitching must be approached with care and precision. The future of the product is decided in these moments. Everything is created just like it used to be done. Scissors, needle, thread, glue and sewing machine to which expert eyes and steady hands are added. From the idea to the product, there is nothing but the love of a father and son for their work. This is how truly unique products are created, and you can wear them with the confidence that no one else will have one like it.

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