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Bags, belts and accessories made of leather using artisan methods. Buy them in our online shop.

Oehler Factory combines old and new: the centuries old tradition of leather craftsmanship and a feeling for fashion and trends. This is how bags, belts and accessories are created everything strictly handmade. Each piece goes through a complex production process. This starts with an idea in the mind of the creators and leads to an individual designer piece. The key is the selection of the material, the smallest details are decisive. Nothing is left to chance in the months of creative process. With Oehler Factory, you can rely on the experience of two generations in the processing of leather and on craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully cut to size and carefully sewn with scis sors and glue, and with needle and thread. Exactly as it has been done for centuries with an expert eye and with a steady hand. The result is a unique design product one that cannot be found anywhere else.